Chest reduction

Chest reduction

A lot of girls are looking for ways to enlarge the chest. Wearing clothes, as there are a lot of ways to reduce the chest will be identified with you during this article.

Factors leading to large chest size

Because before you follow any method to reduce the size of the chest must first know the factors that lead to breast augmentation, there are several factors that cause the enlargement of the chest, namely

First: change hormones

It is known that hormones in the body change before the menstrual cycle and also change during pregnancy, as it changes hormones lead to breast enlargement and may also cause swelling, especially in the last months of pregnancy.

Second: weight gain

It should be noted that the breast consists of fatty tissue as well as fat and that when gaining weight leads to a large size of the chest a lot.

Third: Medicines

There are some drugs that contain a lot of hormones, especially estrogen, such as pills, and also lead to hormone therapy to enlarge the chest a lot, and that if you stop taking these drugs can return to the normal size of the breast.

Home steps help reduce the chest

You should start changing all the factors and eating habits that lead to improper large size of the chest, and must also do some exercise that helps to burn fat in the chest area, as it:

  • Fat and calories should be reduced, as it is necessary to follow a healthy diet that leads to a reduction in body fat and this helps in breast reduction, as it is recommended by all doctors and nutritionists that the amount of calories does not exceed 400 calories Only 5% of the fat will be eaten.
  • Cookies and chips, as well as quick beans, should be replaced with fruits and vegetables for all types of vegetables.
  • It is necessary to do some exercise such as cardio and that is for 30 minutes, as it leads to burn fat and calories and provides the body with energy, and all this helps to reduce weight and then reduce the size of the breast.

Natural recipes help to reduce the chest

There are many natural recipes that help to reduce the size of the chest, such as:

Recipe apple cider vinegar and rose water

Two equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and rose water should be mixed. This mixture should be placed in ice cubes and placed in the freezer. Then, pass the ice cube over the breast, circularly and before bathing.

Linseed recipe

It should be noted that linseed contains omega-3, which works to reduce estrogen in the body and is the main factor in the large size of the breast, must be added a spoon of ground linseed and added to boiling water and drink daily.

Egg whites recipe

Eggs are separated from the yolk and then the egg whites are beaten thoroughly, and placed under the breasts for 30 minutes and must be mixed with onion with water and used to wash egg whites under the breast, and this recipe is made daily.

Neem and turmeric recipe

Put a quantity of neem with four glasses of water and boil, and put two tablespoons of turmeric and honey and put a drink Neem them and eat daily.

Yogurt recipe

Put two tablespoons of yogurt and add an egg to them, and put a spoonful of vitamin E oil. This mixture is placed on the breast area and must be well massage, should be worn to a bra and leave for 20 minutes, and then take a shower with warm water.

Ginger Recipe

Put two tablespoons of ginger with a large glass of water, and done well and after the mixture is cooled is placed on the chest area.

Alum recipe

A tablespoon of ground alum is placed in a glass of water and stir well, placed on the breast and should be massaged in circular motions, and rinsed with cold water.

Eat fish oil

It is good to eat salmon and tuna, and also to eat soybeans because all this is rich in omega-3.

Exercises to minimize the chest

First, you should follow a healthy diet that leads to fat reduction, and you should practice some exercises that help reduce the size of the chest, such as:

  1.  Start exercises that help warm up the body, such as brisk walking, aerobic exercises, and also practice for light jogging.
  2. After that, pressure exercises are done because it helps a lot in getting rid of fat, especially the fat found in the breast area.
  3. Some weight-lifting exercises should be done because they can help to reduce the size of your chest.
  4. And then it’s good to do wall exercises, and this is by standing in front of the wall and hands are placed on the wall, and then the snakes forward and back like pressure exercises.
  5. It should be done on the stairs, this helps a lot of fat accumulated in the chest and should be done followed an hour a day.

Thoracic surgery

There are several cosmetic procedures that lead to breast reduction, such as:

Liposuction Surgery

As the breast can be minimized through the suction of fat, this process is done through the work of several incisions that are small in the breast area, and enter the suction device for fat through these wounds.

Breast reduction process while keeping scars

Breast reduction while keeping scars around the aura of the breast and vertical scar: It is defined as one of the most used surgery to reduce the size of the chest, in addition to it raises the breast.

The process of breast reduction with scar be anchor

It is suitable for the large chest as it minimizes and tighten the breast, and at the end of the surgery there is a lot of scar around the aura of the breast, it is possible to extend the scar from the area of ​​the corona and reach the convergences found under the breast.

Special operations to minimize breast while moving the nipple

This process leads to the removal of the nipple and also the areola and it is from the tissue of the breast, and then they are connected with the skin and be in a higher area.

After breast reduction, it should be noted that the breasts are very puffed, pain is felt a lot, and some areas in the breast may not be felt.

In the end, we have mentioned a lot of details that help to reduce the size of the chest, and also explained the processes that lead to breast reduction.

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