Natural juices do raise sugar

Natural juices do raise sugar

Natural Juices and Diabetes Studies and new research shows the relationship between diabetes and its rise or incidence with drinking natural juices.

The role of natural juices in diabetes affects millions of people around the world. Numerous diabetes research shows that people who eat fruit juices three times a week are 8% more likely to develop diabetes.


According to this research, natural juices made from fruit, contribute to the increase in blood sugar, and that consuming them continuously increases the risk of diabetes. Therefore, nutritionists advise diabetics to eat fruit and not turn it into juices.

The experts also recommended the recommended amount of natural juices in a cup capacity (150 ml) per day, and advised to reduce the density of juice using water.

Nutritionist Helen Bond said eating natural juices does not necessarily lead to diabetes, and urged patients to consume them in small amounts.

“There is no evidence to suggest that eating small amounts of fruit juice leads to diabetes,” said Helen Bond. The truth is that the risk of diabetes is closely linked to body fat and genetic predisposition, as well as many other factors. ”

However, the expert warned against eating juices that contain added sugars and advised to eat natural juices in specific quantities to get the other benefits contained, according to the Daily Star.

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